Hockey portrait

Canes Camp 2015Some of you may know that I play some ball hockey. At my age, being able to say that is a bit of a bragging point. They say if you can’t sell your work to your friends, who can you sell it to? So as I was shooting a game at the rink, it occurred to me that several of our players sport tattoos and clearly have personality to spare. Why not do some portraits showcasing their ink?

Marc is a gun enthusiast who has a thing for the Punisher comic book hero. He recently had a nice sleeve tattoo done, and wanted to show it off. Who am I kidding, he always likes to show off. Once I posted a couple of these to Facebook, we got a nice response. The ladies really seemed to like this for some reason.

Doing a shoot is easy, and fairly quick. We did Marc’s session in about an hour. We worked in two backdrops, a wardrobe change and switched from goalie sticks to guns. If you would like to set something up, give me a call.

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